Monday, February 22, 2016


First thank you to everyone who donated, we have far exceeded our goal and I am beyond excited!
Winners .......

Wii U or Amazon Gift Card  ...... Kelly O.
American Girl Doll ...... Jenny Stanek
Young Living ...... Cindy N
Quilt, Chocolates, LLR, and Starbucks ........ Lisa King
LLR, KEEP, Italian Gift Basket .......Jann Knapp
Fight Like a Woman twinkie tush .....Victoria Phillips
Slow Burn twinkie tush .......Karen Anderhalt
Stella and Dot and Sephora .......... Lani
Thirty-one and Target ...... Becky Dice
Spongebob and Amazon ..... Jennifer Johnson

Please send me your address so I can get your prizes to you!

Thank you again for all of your donations!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

How it all Works

We have done this raffle in three prior years to raise money for Susan G. Komen and The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of two of our dear friends who both fought and beat Breast Cancer.  Things are a bit different this time.  Angela who kicked cancer to the curb in 2013 was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer with metastasis to the bone and liver.  We decided to do a raffle this time in hopes to help raise money for Angela directly this time.  All money raised in this raffle will be directly donated to a Gofundme page set up for Angela and her family to use for treatments, meals, or whatever their family needs at the time.  It is all going to a wonderful family so please donate big in hopes of winning some of these wonderful prizes.
For each dollar you donate you will be able to choose which prize lot you would like to be entered in.  The more you donate the more entries you have.  Please do not donate "anonymous" as I would have no way to verify that it was you who actually donated.

 $1 = 1 Comment
$10 = 15 Comments
$20 = 40 comments
(links and more instructions on the right of this page.  If you are having trouble viewing this on your phone it may be easier to view it in "web version" or on a computer.  The right side of the page gets cut off.
There are 10 lots that are up for grabs this year.  
The raffle ends Monday February 22 at 10 am EST.  If you have any questions please contact me at or leave a message on THIS post.  I am in nursing school as well as being a mom, I may not be able to answer your question right away but I will get to it ASAP!
Thank you for all of your support!

 Here is a picture of Angela and her wonderful family.

Here is several of us a couple years ago at the Dirty Girl Mud Run holding up Angela.

One final one picture of our Multiples Group on a trip to Georgia... I love these women.  We all love Angela something fierce and want to do what we can to make life a tiny bit easier for Angela and her family.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Wii U or $300 Amazon gift card

 Decisions, decisions..... 

If you win this you will have the option of this Wii U or you may opt to have a $300 Amazon Gift Card.  Personally I love the thought of winning the Wii U but you are not me so you have the option of the $300 gift card to Amazon where you can buy whatever your little heart desires. 
A huge thanks to Heather, Kristi, Tracey, Kat, Karen, Peggy, Val, Brook, and Katie who donated money toward this awesome prize.

$130 American Girl Gift Card and some bows

, .

Aren't these dolls so cute?  Since I have twins I love the Bitty Twins but maybe your little one already has one and needs clothes or they really *need* Lea, or Bitty Baby, or whomever.... you and your little one will have fun shopping with this gift card and you will be able to purchase just about whatever doll would make her wish come true!  
A big THANK YOU to Linda, Annie, Danielle, Erin, and Leah who made this prize possible!
Along with the American Girl Doll gift card, Melissa from Two Little Birds  has donated this bow set.  The best part is that she made a special one that will be great for the doll to match one of the bows for your little one! 

Young Living Starter Kit and Pocket Reference

Have you heard about all the benefits of Essential Oils but were afraid to try? Here is your shot!  Tamlyn, Ashley, and Janielle have donated an amazing set that anyone new to oils needs.  If you have been using oils for years this is for you too.... who could not use another diffuser or more Thieves??  They donated the Premium Starter Kit and a Pocket Reference guide. If you have any questions to ask about oils these are the ladies to ask.  They have given me so many helpful hints along the way as I am a  newbie myself.  It is a toss up between Thieves (for an immune boost) or Panaway (for headaches) for my favorite.   I have headaches often and am often taking Excedrin Migraine for it.  I tried Peppermint oil but that never seemed to cut it for me (which it does work for some) and then someone mentioned the Panaway and it is amazing.  This is what is awesome about the oils, I am always learning new ways to use them.  If you win this let me know what is your favorite!
Check out all that Young Living has to offer 
Tamlyn (member number 1779139)
Janielle (member number 2451667)
Ashley (member number 2481421)
Any of these ladies will be more than happy to help you with any questions you might have and let you know how oils can change your life as well! Winner will be added to on Facebook Group (if you would like) where you will have access to more recipes and other members who are great with ideas and suggestions for you. 


Quilt, Chocolates, LuLaRoe Mommy and Me Set, and $25 Starbucks Gift Card

Every year that we have done a raffle Tiffany has done a quilt.  She is extremely talented and I love seeing what design she comes up with next.  She is still putting the finishing touches on this quilt and when finished it will measure approximately 55x63.

Jenny From Brandt's Candies has donated this awesome box of chocolates.  The fact that there is chocolates inside of a chocolate box makes it even more awesome than any other box of chocolates!

Have you heard of LuLaRoe yet?  They have some amazing pieces of clothing but what I feel is the most exciting is their leggings.  They are dubbed "butter soft" because of their extreme softness and stretchiness.   Allison has her own Facebook group and is constantly up dating her inventory.  She has donated a Mommy and Me set of leggings in TC (fits approximately size 10-22 ..... I found that hard to believe but I am on the end of that spectrum and they fit great!) and in S/M for your little one (fits about 2T-6) in this pattern.

Brook knows everyone needs a little  Starbucks in their life and has donated a $25 gift card. 

LuLaRoe, KEEP Collective, and a Gourmet Itailian Gift Basket

I mentioned LuLaRoe before and sang their praises of how soft and comfy their leggings are.  The unique thing about LLR is that they make a limited amount of each print and that is it.  Some prints are more in demand than others and it is just the luck of if you are able to find them or not.  Each consultant has their own unique inventory.  Christine was the one who introduced me to LLR several months ago and then it kinda exploded.  These flying pig leggings are one of those coveted prints and she donated them to this raffle, how awesome is that? These ore OS (one size leggings and fit sizes 2-12).  Christine has also donated a $25 gift card to her online boutique.  This way you can pick out a top to go with these leggings or try out a maxi skirt. There is so much to choose from!

Megan has been a fan of KEEP Collective bracelets for some time and became a consultant to help raise money for the basketball team she coaches at University of Wisconsin - Platteville.  She decided to donate a $75 gift card to her site so you can pick out the item that speaks to you.  KEEP Collective is more than just bracelets, they offer necklaces and earrings along with their popular bracelets.

RoseMarie has donated a $75 gift box of gourmet Italian goodies.  Included will be a gift box filled with 2 bags of quick pasta meals, a bag of pasta, a small bottle of olive oil, a bag of Italian crackers and 2 bags of Italian cookies.  Check out her site to see all of what they have to offer


twinkie tush in Fight Like a WOMAN

How perfect is this??
The amazing Gretchen of twinkietush has donated this diaper.  
FUSION (hybrid fitted style) in One Size, with a serged finish and heather grey cotton velour inner.  twinkie tush One Size (OS) cloth diapers can be used from approximately 12-35 lbs.  twinkie tush diapers are made with the highest quality materials, including organic bamboo velour or cotton velour and organic bamboo fleece/stretch fleece for incredible absorbency. For detailed information on the materials used, please visit, and her blog at  Follow twinkie tush on Facebook at

twinkie tush in Slow Burn

The cuteness!  The cloth diapers that Gretchen creates makes me *almost* want to have another little one!

FUSION (hybrid fitted style) in teenie tush (newborn size), with a serged finish and crimson cotton velour inner.  twinkie tush teenie tush cloth diapers can be used from approximately 5-12 lbs.  twinkie tush diapers are made with the highest quality materials, including organic bamboo velour or cotton velour and organic bamboo fleece/stretch fleece for incredible absorbency. For detailed information on the materials used, please visit, and her blog at  Follow twinkie tush on Facebook at

Stella and Dot and $50 Sephora Gift Card

Jamie has donated Rebel Ring in size (S/M) worth $39, a Legend Pendant worth $69
along with a $25 Gift Card that can be redeemed at

A $50 Sephora Gift Card will round out this gift 
(With a special thanks from Jenny and Mandie for donating this gift card)

Thirty-One Variety Pack and $50 Target Gift Card

Nikki has donated a variety of Thirty-one items.  Included are the
 Essential Storage Tote in Vintage Damask (retail $28)
Littles Carry-All Caddy in Navy Dancing Dot (retail $12)
Medium Thermal Zipper Pouch in Citrus Medallion (retail $15)
Plus a $35 Thirty-One Gift Certificate from Nikki Johnson 
Total value: $90
Check out Nikki's site and let her know if you have any questions!
If that  were not enough we are also including a $50 gift card to Target (thanks to Sara and Marcie for donating this gift card)

SpongeBob Games and $50 Amazon Gift Card
Sam has donated a gift set that is perfect for any Spongebob fan.  Included will be Spongebob Operation, Spongebob Connect 4, Spongebob Monopoly and a 28 inch Spongebob Cuddle Plush.  
I think my children would be all over this set!
Also included with Spongebob is a $50 gift card to Amazon (a special thanks to Kyla and Tracey for this gift card!)